• For when you need to drive another car at short notice
  • For when you have a breakdown
  • For when you have an accident
  • For when the usual driver is tired or ill
  • For when the usual driver driver has had a drink
  • For when you need to lend a car to someone else

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Emergency! Need car insurance, quickly?

In a crisis you may need to insure a car for a short period, quickly and easily. The car to be insured may be your own or someone else's; either way (provided that you have the permission of the vehicle owner) a fast temporary insurance policy for between one and 28 days can usually be arranged in no time at all.

How quickly can a short term policy be arranged?

It should take less than a minute to get a quote; just two or three minutes more to set up the policy.

How easy is it?

The proposal form is designed to be clear and easy to use whether you access it via a small smartphone, a tablet or a full desktop computer. It is much shorter than the ones used for standard yearly policies so it takes much less time to fill it in. First you get a quote after answering just a few simple questions; once you have accepted the quotation you fill in a few more details, decide on how long you want cover for and when you want the policy to begin, pay by credit card, and then you're done.

Do I need to wait for the insurance certificate?

No. All documentation is available to download as soon as you have bought your cover. This is not obligatory but you can save it on your mobile phone, tablet or computer if you wish, or print it out on your home printer.

Can anyone buy emergency short term cover?

The main qualifications include the following:

Applicants should be over 18 and have held a full UK driving licence for at least 12 months. A few penalty points endorsed on the licence don't necessarily disqualify a driver from buying a policy but they could affect the premium.

The car should be registered and kept in the UK, be roadworthy, taxed and MOT'd and be on the insurer's approved list (which includes most modern cars in Britain). Modified vehicles (unless modified to suit a disabled driver) and grey imports are unlikely to qualify.

See the policy details for the full list of requirements.

If you need to drive another car that doesn't belong to you, or lend your own to someone else, at short notice, then a temporary insurance policy can turn an emergency into a solved problem. Get a quote now.

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